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Food Stamps- A food stamping community.
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About the Community
If you love food, culinary arts, or stamping communities, this is for you! This community is a little different than other stamping communities, because you initially don't get a main stamp. Instead we will have monthly themes such as "Which dessert are you?" or "What variety of cheese are you?" The reason being is there are MILLIONS of different cuisines, so that may be a tad difficult.


1. You must be a member to post anything.
2. When filling out your application: be honest! Put in as much detail as you can so your rating is accurate.
3. So I know you read the rules please post: "My favorite food is..." in the subject line and the theme.
4. Make sure to specify which theme you are posting as well.
5. All aplications must be under a LJ cut.
6. Be nice!
7. VOTE on ALL unstamped applications before you post yours! It's common courtesy! How can you expect to get any votes if you don't vote on others?
8. If you do not vote on all the unstamped applications like you are supposed to do--I don't care what the circumstances--you will get a tag on your application saying "!donotvote". This will let the other users know not to vote on your application until you have voted on the other applications before yours.

1. Please bold your votes! To do so, simply put <*b>textgoeshere<*/b>, and remove the stars. You can also write: <*strong>textgoeshere<*/strong>, again removing the stars.
2. Try to keep your votes for one person 1 to 2 at the most.
3. You may vote for others with or without a stamp.

1. Only a moderator can stamp you.
2. Once you are stamped, please save your stamp on your own server.
3. You will be stamped after 3 of the same votes or after you have received 5-7 votes.
4. You may always apply for a previous theme if you missed it, don't worry. Just make sure to specify which theme it is.
Fruit Theme
Vegetable Theme
Candy Theme
Thanksgiving Theme
Christmas Theme
Cheese Theme
Chocolate Theme
Herbs Theme
Easter Candy Theme
Movie Food Theme
Ice Cream Flavor Theme
Picnic Food Theme
Carnival Food Theme
Condiments Theme
Hot Beverage Theme
Breakfast Theme
5 Tastes Theme
Box of Chocolates Theme
Types of Sushi Theme
Pasta Shapes Theme
Pizza Toppings Theme
Types of Cuisines Theme
Meals Theme
Cereals Theme
Cakes Theme
Coffee Theme
Pies Theme
Cookies Theme
Fast Food Theme

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